Great minds discuss ideas.

Average minds discuss events.

Small minds discuss people.

Eleanor Roosevelt


Sorting the mess and starting again

An organised environment is a good starting point for you to forget what as gone before and to get on with the adventure that is the rest of your life after divorce without the spectre of a disapproving spouse looming over you.

The post divorce paperwork dreamstime_1286781.jpg
If you have been neglecting routine paperwork since, or even before, your divorce this is probably the best to start de-cluttering. If you do not keep all your documents together in one place then you probably should.

Getting organised is the only answer
Sorting through old documents can be very time consuming and needs to be done carefully so that nothing important gets ditched by mistake.  Use a shredder to dispose of old bank statements and such like although it is wise to keep at least a year’s worth. Keep separate folders for everything.  Don’t stuff your house insurance documents in with your credit card statements for instance. 

What do I do next? 
Once you have sorted the paperwork you can tackle the rest of the house.  Arm yourself with plenty of sturdy bin bags or cardboard boxes and work methodically and rationally.  Throw away anything that is broken, missing a part or parts, is out of date, or has no obvious use to anyone, but remember that one person’s rubbish is someone else’s treasure trove.

Charity shops can use the good stuff
They are always pleased to receive donations of bric a brac, books, clean clothes in good condition and jewellery. You can raise funds for yourself by selling stuff online, or take it to a car boot sale.  If you have not used something for at least a year then get rid of it.

Re-cycle, re-cycle, re-cycle
What can’t be sold or donated should be re-cycled.  Electrical items that are no longer in working order can be taken to a local authority re-cycling centre as can all those empty wine bottles and drinks cans and piles of old copies of Electronics Weekly and Bee Keepers Monthly next to the microwave for the last six months.

Sentiment is allowed dreamstime_2404580.jpg
All the things that you want to keep for sentimental reasons can be allocated their own storage space.  Old photographs can be put into albums and very special ones displayed in frames – not too many though as you will only have to dust them!

Keep it
If an item is used regularly then it stays.  If you are not sure about something put it to one side and, if in six months time you have had no use for it then get rid of it.

Once you have had a thorough purge and a good spring clean you will probably need some extra things to keep stuff in or on and get that bicycle out of the hallway where everyone falls over it and get it outside where it belongs in a secure bike store or shed.

Talking of sheds everyone should have one, just don’t let it fill up with rubbish that you don’t need and will never use. Remember the rules to help you to a better life after divorce.


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