After divorce there are so many things to deal with that are completely unfamiliar.  We have some thoughts on the difficult relationship aspects of your life such as the relationship with your teenage children, how to communicate effectively with your ex, and some thoughts about the effects of divorce upon your mental health.  Tricky stuff.  And does your divorce mean you are a failure?  No, absolutely it does not.     

After divorce - how to communicate with the one you used to love

One of the great tragedies of divorce is the damage and pain that lingers for years like a summer thunderstorm rolling around the night sky.  For those divorced with school aged children talking to your children's other parent can be a very difficult and enduring problem.


Doing it all over again, marriage after divorce can be good

The percentage of second marriages ending in divorce is greater than the percentage of first marriages ending in divorce.  However, if you are going to give it another go then here are some thoughts about how to ensure that this time it's a lifetime relationship.


Divorce, the great game changer

How to cope with the war zone that is divorce.  Dealing with the disappointment and heartache of knowing that someone that you once loved probably no longer feels the same about you.


Is being divorced the same as being a failure? Absolutely not.

Divorce is now a process that nearly half the married population will experience.  Does that mean that half the population must hang its head and scuttle through the rest of life after divorce as abject failures living in anger and resentment?  Certainly not.


Life after divorce - watch out there's a brand new syndrome about

So now you are divorced and ready to take on whatever life has got in store for you or you might have in store for it.  But wait there is a big fat syndrome out there waiting to catch you out.


Life after divorce - get the real you back into action

Going through a divorce and coming out the other side is probably the most challenging thing you are likely to do bar solo dog sledding to the South Pole and back.


Dads, stay with your kids after divorce. Mums, help to make it happen.

The effects of a divorce can very often be very similar to those produced by the detonation of a thermonuclear device.  It has two destructive elements, a blast wave and superintense heat followed by the much longer and increadibly damaging radiation effect.  Just like divorce.


Keeping your teenage kids in your life after divorce

Having teenagers in the family is always going to be stressful and challenging.  Getting divorced as well is going to add to that.  Divorced parents who are not living with their children often struggle to maintain a good relationship with their teenagers.


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