We have all sorts of help and advice about how to regain your self-confidence and prepare for your new life.  Feeling good about yourself is vital if you are going to be able to deal with the challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead.  This is all about how to move forward from the past and embrace the future with hope, expectation and confidence.    

If truth is the first casualty of war, self esteem is the first casualty of divorce

 When the firestorm of divorce rips through your life causing swathes of damage and desolation, leaving a landscape of charred tree stumps stretching as far as you can see your self esteem pretty much hits zero too.


The very first things to do as you start your new life after divorce

Divorce is a major life event which can be anything from a total motorway smash to the gateway to a new and better life.  Make sure you get to go through the gateway.


Celebrate your divorce, gain closure with a ceremony to start your great new life

In Japan a new ceremony to mark your divorce and celebrate the beginning of a new life after divorce is becoming popular.


Life after divorce: a beginner's guide

Life after divorce is a very different place from the married life you have just left or are contemplating leaving.  It's uncharted territory and will require major changes which you can prepare for now. 


Moving on to a better and happier life after divorce

The divorce is over.  The last details of the co-parenting arrangements have been settled.  The family treasure has been divided after lengthy (and sometimes bitter) negotiations.


The post divorce fallout

Two thirds of divorcees say that they do not think that there is such a thing as an amicable divorce. They could be right. To find out if you agree with them read on.


Great advice on getting ready for the challenges to come

What will life after divorce actually be like?  In contrast to marriage, the other big life changer you don't get to have a dress rehearsal for divorce so it's all new and a whole lot scary.


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