We have all sorts of help and advice about how to regain your self-confidence and prepare for your new life.  Feeling good about yourself is vital if you are going to be able to deal with the challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead.  This is all about how to move forward from the past and embrace the future with hope, expectation and confidence.    

Now you are divorced: choices, choices, choices!

Divorce is a simple choice which is very difficult to make.  You either do get divorced or you don't.  If you do then life after divorce is a different world, the new possibilities are exciting but the choices to be made can be daunting.


Divorce is about dividing up the assets but what about dividing up the friends?

The process of divorce is all about disentangling the lives of two people, physically, financially and emotionally.  It can be like tearing apart a living organism or gently segmenting a ripe orange.


Your future life after divorce, take it slowly

Having to adjust to being on your own again after what may have been a marriage of many years is not going to be easy. Being optimistic post divorce means that the future needs to be viewed as a new beginning rather than an ending.


Join a club, maybe even a gym!

Join a gym and get fit for your life after divorce. The gym can be a great place to meet new people but beware men with large muscles keeping an eye on their lycra clad girlfriends or vice versa!


Some important things to do in the early days after divorce

The immediate aftermath of divorce is often a bleak landscape through which you move with fear and trepidation.  It's uncharted terrain, you have a heavy burden to bear and progress is faltering. 


5 essential principles to guide you towards a good life after divorce

The divorce is done.  The complexities of the divorce process and the uncertainty of it all are over.  A new life stretches before you full of apprehension and buoyed up by hope.


The winds of change - how divorce and recovery are evolving

According to a recent survey from some divorce lawyers, the reasons for divorce are changing.  Traditionally infidelity has been the main reason cited for divorce in the UK, however this year, 'falling out of love' is the key cause.


Do you have the right to see your grandchildren after their parents' divorce? No, none whatsoever.

However this could be about to get a whole lot better.  A recent report has set out some radical proposals for a new Parenting Agreement which will give grandparents greater access rights to their grandchildren when couples split up.


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