Now you are divorced you need to keep your job or maybe get a brand new one

Now that you've got over the divorce bit you might be looking for a new job to commemorate your life after divorce and if you don't you certainly will need to keep the one you've got. 

Either way it's going to be more difficult in times of recession.  To help here are seven terrific tips to help you keep the job you've got or do well in your new job.

varied group of workersKeep up with what's going on in your world of work
There is not an industry on the planet that isn't changing very fast and you need to keep up.  Read everything you can in your trade media as well as searching online for the latest developments in your industry.  If you don't know about the importance of social media then you really should.

Inspire other people who work with you
The maxim ‘if you want a job done properly do it yourself' is rubbish.  The ability to delegate is a key management skill so delegate to others in the team and encourage them to stretch their abilities.  This will reflect well on you and will increase your stature in the business as much as theirs.

Broaden the scope within your work
See that the work you do in your business is an integral part in what the business is trying to achieve.  Don't attempt to poach other people's responsibilities, but demonstrate how your work integrates with their work to make a better business.

Create your own career path
Try to make sure that you know where you want to be going in the company of the industry in general and make sure you know how to get there.  If you leave it to HR they will probably do what they think is best for the company which may not be best for you.

Keep your standard high
Don't be complacent.  If you think you're pretty damn good at the job, you probably aren't.  Competition is strong and you need to be improving your performance every day just to keep your distance from the rest of the pack.

Be resourceful
It's not always going to go right and how you respond to set backs is almost as important as what you do to combat them.  Just because it didn't go right this time does not mean that you haven't got the skill and ability to get it right next time.

Stay healthy
The gym, or a long walk over a windswept moorland is going to keep you in good shape, but more importantly will sharpen your mind and refresh your soul.  You are going to need all of this to do a good job and help make the very best of the opportunities in your new life after divorce.

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