Where to go, lots of places to choose from

Once you’ve decided what you need from your post divorce holiday you literally have a whole world from which to choose your destination. However, there are some places it is better not to go to. 

In the face of terrorism, civil wars, and environmental concerns about air travel, choosing a country in which to holiday could pose problems.  Yet, despite the obvious no go areas there are still plenty of exciting places (with charming natives) to visit. 

woman in sarong on the beachThe best of summer sun
The decreasing price of long haul flights has put exotic locations that were once the preserve of the seriously well heeled within the budget of many.

Short haul flights often cost less than a train ticket within the UK. This means the Brits’ favourite holiday destinations of Spain, France and Greece are now being joined by more distant locations.

Those seeking the best of year round sun will find the beaches of Tahiti, the Maldives and the Seychelles growing in popularity if your budget will extend to these exotic holiday destinations which are now much more accessible. All the big tour operators including BA Holidays offer good deals on packages outside the traditional holiday areas of Europe

White water canoeingAdventure holidays
If you want to put your pre divorce life behind you, have some fun and are possessed with the spirit of adventure, there are many specialist holiday options to set your pulse racing and you can go to just about anywhere in the world to enjoy them.

Canoe down a wild Scottish river, fish for piranha in Venezuela or go jungle walking in Borneo – no good if you have a fear of snakes or creepy crawlies.

Where not to go
It would be foolish to think that people would plan a holiday to any of the well-publicised danger spots around the world, there are many that are easily overlooked, but should still be avoided.

According to the Foreign Office, potentially problematic countries fall into four categories; those we should not go to at all; those we should avoid in parts; countries we should only travel to if essential; those where essential travel is only recommended to particular regions. Check on the FO website if you’re unsure about that Yak trekking holiday. Some of the countries on the list may surprise you.

We’re backing Blighty
If you just want to relax after divorce but are worried about taking a long flight (deep vein thrombosis), can’t afford an expensive foreign holiday (skint from your divorce settlement) or simply love what the UK has to offer (no strange money and everyone speaks English), a holiday in Britain is definitely not a second best option.

Sensible people know that a UK break is all you’ll ever need, and here’s why. For a relatively small landmass, Britain has some of the most diverse and breathtaking natural scenery anywhere in the world, just think Lake District, Snowdonia, Cornwall. Apart from that it has a wonderful cultural mix from the indigenous and friendly English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish and some of the best food in the world (if you know where to look for it).

Bucket and spade holidays
If you have children to entertain a traditional bucket and spade holiday is still one of the best holidays on the planet and many of the UK’s beaches have European blue flag awards for the cleanliness of their water and shoreline.

The varied geological features up and down the UK give each region its distinctive charm and with global warming raising temperatures worldwide, summer in Britain is not always as bad as often portrayed.

There are several lifetimes of holidays to be taken on this small island with everything from thrilling city breaks to cosy country holidays in Somerset and Devon and everything in between. You can relax on a beach in Dorset or tramp across the Scottish Highlands and who gives a fig about pyramids or elephants when we have Stonehenge and Dartmoor ponies?

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