There are lots of holidays to chose from

A holiday gives you the opportunity to relax after divorce or can be an opportunity to let your hair down and have fun. Whatever you choose to do make the most of things.

Whatever your circumstances you need to plan your break taking into consideration what type of holiday will deliver the get away you need. You need to ensure the holiday you settle on offers the right mix of elements for success.  All the major companies are brimful with special offers and package deals to exotic places all over the world, as well as holidays closer to home. To help you decide on the type of break that would be best for you here is a short list of popular choices.

white beach blue sea two chairsSummer and winter sun
Depending on the time of year there will be a big difference in the length of your flight if you want to relax and top up your tan - having applied the appropriate sun screen of course. But whatever the season at home, nothing beats getting away from it all for a week or two basking in the sun (or possibly lurking in the shade).

The package holiday is still massively popular and if you can travel that bit further, consider exotic destinations further afield for that post divorce break. There are plenty of inexpensive flights and hotels available if your divorce settlement was on the generous side.

Cultural breaks 
If you find the idea of lying on a beach boring, (as many people do), there’s always the option of a holiday based exploring the culture and history of a country.  Such breaks can be fun as well as stimulating.  You can also use your holiday to volunteer for conservation work or community development projects in some of the world’s poorest countries.  Just pick a subject or a place you want to know more about, and there’s a holiday option somewhere to match it.

Activity and adventure
If you are the adventurous type The Adventure Company has a range of exciting holidays which should appeal to those who want a less conventional holiday if you fancy discovering Vietnam, taking the road to Samarkand or following the Kasbah trail.

Family holidays bucket and spade You may be divorced but if there are children involved then you are still part of a family even if you only see them at weekends and during school holidays.  As children get older it becomes more difficult to please everyone concerned and hotel holidays can be restricting if you have lively young ones clamouring to do different things. The self catering option is a good compromise both here and abroad.

Mini breaks
Very much a modern travel trend, the mini break can be the perfect way to unwind post divorce.  Cheaper than a conventional holiday a mini break nevertheless provides a relaxing alternative for those who can’t afford the time or money to take a traditional vacation.

The market leader for short breaks in the UK, Europe and further afield. You can enjoy a weekend in a country house hotel in the Cotswolds or take a flight to Barcelona to enjoy everything that vibrant city has to offer. For a few days away in Paris, Lille, Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels or Bruge, Shortbreaks Ltd offer tailor made weekends travelling by train.  Those eager for a change from the daily grind can choose between the opportunity to see a great band in a fabulous location, a gourmet evening in a traditional brasserie or the chance to view some of the best art in the world. Take your pick.

And if none of the above appeal and you want some peace and quiet to reflect on your life after divorce, pull the curtains, cancel the newspapers, turn off your mobile and tell everyone you have gone to the Maldives for a month.


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