Solo cruising - you'll be in good company

Now going on a cruise in a ship the size of a small town and visiting exotic foreign ports or dropping anchor off palm fringed beaches may not be to everyone's liking.  Especially if you are a single passenger.  But..... 

But for those to whom this looks like a good way to relax, unwind and take stock of your new life after divorce the cruise lines are waking up to single travelers as an important people who need more than just a double cabin and a massive single supplement.

dreamstime_xs_white_cruise_ship_20373206.jpgSingle supplements
The single supplement is being reduced by some operators and even removed on certain cruises.  They have also woken up to the idea that there are many singles who want a bit more than just a cabin.

It seems the major cruise operators continue to launch ever more shiny white ships some of which now boast studio staterooms.

Studio staterooms ride to the rescue
What could a studio stateroom be?  Staterooms appears to be an American terms which unfortunately does not mean you get half the top deck of the ship to yourselves.  However until recently they were very much for two people.  The studio stateroom has changed all that.  It has been reworked for the single traveler.  Last year a major cruise line introduced 128 studio staterooms designed for solo passengers and priced them without any single supplement on one of their ships.

Cruising isn't what it used to be
Cruising has changed a great deal over the years, it's younger, more fun and offers a great deal more than it used to.  The days of deck quoits and formal dining followed by a game of bridge or a waltz before your cup of cocoa have long become the stuff of ancient recollection and old movies.  Nowadays there is plenty to amuse and delight.  Heavy advertising on both television and the press make the point only too well by showing both surfing and rock climbing on offer.

As an aside, if you wanted to do those things would you not be better off by going to either Cornwall or the Lake District?  However whatever your preferred recreational activity it has to be said you are still floating about on the high seas in a metal bucket (albeit a luxurious one) with no escape!  Now you can escape in style and have a comfortable bolt hole for when the pleasures of the karaoke night easily lose out to the prospect of a luxurious night of peace and privacy with a good book.

Adventurous women lead the way
The most popular types of cruise for solo travelers are adventure oriented or feature exotic destinations.  A quarter of those travelling on some adventure cruises are solo travelers and a high proportion of them are women.  Singles feel more secure in a group if the destination is intimidating or there's a language barrier.  When you're having adventures it's good to have others to share them with.

So whether it's luxurious relaxation by the pool or climbing up plastic rocks, cruise ships are at last understanding the needs of the single (but not necessarily divorced) traveler.  Whether it's lower or no single supplements or splashing out on a studio stateroom the joys of cruising can now be enjoyed by all.  So go on you'll be in good company.

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