Singles holidays - you are not alone

One thing you might be missing at the moment is a holiday.  Being single you might also think that it's going to be a problem.  It isn't, there are loads of singles out there having a great time.

Whether you are just divorced or long time divorced getting away for a holiday is probably even more important than for all those couple people who seem to be doing it all the time.  Well they aren't, in fact despite the decline in overall travel since the recession single travellers have taken a growing share of trips.

woman standing on beachLots of people are doing it
Last year 2.4 million single people took a holiday or short break.  So you are not alone!  Also according to the research undertaken by a leading market research company singles are more adventurous and are likely to have visited more long-haul destinations.

They are also more interested in activity based holidays involving special interests or sporting activity.  Apparently 43% of single people don't take a holiday compared with 27% for non singles.  If you can get out there and have a break, it won't make everything OK again but could help kick start your new life after divorce.

It's more than just relaxing and getting a tan
Given the numbers there should be some interesting people out there in holiday land.  Now nobody is suggesting that going on holiday is a substitute for a great internet dating site, however, lots of people together, having fun and doing something they really like has its distinct possibilities.

Apart from the potential relationship opportunities there are other good reasons for taking a break.  Everyone needs some time off and a chance to experience new thing and new places.  If your life is suffering post divorce stress then a holiday may not solve it long term but it will give you a breather and a chance to gather your strength.

Go with a company who knows what they are doing
The way to go is with a holiday company who specialises in travel for the single traveller.  There are a number around but one of the best is Solo's.  They have been doing it for nearly thirty years so they have got quite good at it.

Single parent family holidays
If you are a single parent holidaying with your kids you really need to go with a specialist in this type of holiday.  It can be a bit daunting the first time but a successful holiday with your children will be a great boost to you and to them.  Organising this may be a tad tricky especially if your ex feels jealous about her/his children spending so much quality time you.  Think of the children and put all that stuff behind you.  Do it and enjoy it.

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