Post divorce rehab holiday. A divorcemoon, or what?

 If you have come through the divorce process with a bit of spare dosh then a good way to help the healing process is to take a break and have some real downtime.

The stress and upheaval of a divorce is for many the most disruptive and exhausting event in their lives.  It changes things forever and can alter perspectives in terms of what really matters in life and how that life should be lived in the future.  It takes time and contemplation to begin to think about these things and work to regain the confidence to go forward into a new life after divorce.

Egyptian pryamidsGive yourself a break
If you can start this process off with a break however modest then it will give you a chance to hit the pause button and have a fresh and more confident perspective on the future.  The travel industry knows who you are!  They are just beginning to hand craft a few divorcemoon packages.  However, probably the best way to go about this is to decide what is right for you and book it yourself.

The first thing to decide is whether this is a solo holiday, with a friend or even a small group.  Each has its merits but a solo holiday could be stressful as you will spend a lot (but by no means all) of time on your own.  If that's good for you then it will be the easiest to plan and book.

Here are some suggestions that will help decide on the type of holiday you want.  However, remember this is a chill out and rebalancing trip to help get your life back into some sort of perspective.  It's not a hedonistic adventure!

The solo beach cure
This is the basic lie on a foreign beach/poolside and soak up the beneficial rays (with lots of sunscreen, of course).  It gives a total chill out, the absolute opposite to the emotional mayhem of the divorce process.  Depending upon your budget you can pamper yourself in an upmarket resort hotel with a beach side room, yoga classes or a one on one dive instructor.  On this last bit it's probably best to restrict your well muscled mentor to diving in the sea rather than under your crisp linen sheets.  The last thing you need right now is any further complications in your life.

Two's company
For those who feel the need for more company there is the travel with a good friend with whom you can spend a lot of time and not end up arguing about whether to go on the boat trip or a visit to the local town.  This can be a good arrangement which allows for time alone for your thoughts and to have company around to share the experience as well.  Doing the post divorce rehab trip with someone with whom romance (or maybe just sex) might be on the cards is not a good plan.  You need peace and space.

More might be better
If you have the funds for a more lavish event, hire a villa or a couple of suites in a hotel and invite your very best friends to come and stay.  This is a great way to say thanks for their love and support during the rigours of your divorce.  It gives you time to connect with them again in a relaxed and (almost!) divorce free environment.  It could well be that over a fine dinner and some even finer wine one of your best girlfriends will confess to wishing they were in your situation starting out on a new life after divorce.

Going or not going
The vast majority of people come through the divorce process with very little, if any, spare cash so the divorcemoon is just not going to happen.  Don't worry but do try to spend some time quietly alone or with friends to slow down and take a few deep breaths.  You have a whole new life ahead of you, so don't rush it.

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