Holiday romances, the pleasure and the pain

We’ve heard the stories or even indulged ourselves while on holiday. Things look better in the sun, temperatures are soaring and so is your libido, so why worry? Read on to find out.

Sun, sex; sea, sex; sand, sex 
Succumbing to the charms of the handsome stranger who treats you like a princess, or the enigmatic dusky maiden who satisfies your male ego and your sexual appetite can seem like a dream come true but such relationships are mostly just holiday flings and should be treated as such.
If you go into your holiday after divorce with your eyes open, and make your intentions clear from the start, a holiday romance can be great fun and just what you need after the pressure of getting divorced but it’s important to keep your feet on the ground when someone tries to sweep you off them.

Beware wolves (and their female equivalents) in sheep’s clothing 
Keep your radar tuned for the serial romancer; the deeply insecure type who boosts their ego by having dozens of flings. They no doubt have a couple or three ex wives or husbands and are nothing but trouble. 

Secondly, avoid those already spoken for.  Not only is their other half waiting for them back home but they should be easy to spot as a fake single just wanting some extra marital adventure.

Third on the list is the freeloader, the holiday lover who has mysteriously left their money back in the hotel room whenever it’s his or her turn to pay the bill.

Fourthly, the sex pest; the male or female - who keeps the conversation on sex and keeps on about wanting to sleep with you, only marginally worse than the marriage proposer, who sees getting hitched as an easy way to a better life.

Bringing more than memories home
When you return to Blighty there’s the possibility that you will be carrying more than just your luggage.  Sexually transmitted diseases/infections, (STDs/STIs), are currently at a ten year peak in the UK so if you have sex make it safe sex. 

Just when you should be taking more care, it seems less people use a condom when having sex on holiday. Use one and you’ll ensure your holiday romance is memorable for all the right reasons. 

Don’t take your holiday romance too seriously
You need to take time to relax after divorce, reflect and meet like-minded singles without falling immediately into another long-term relationship.  If you make your intentions clear at the start and be equally firm when it’s over, a holiday romance could be the confidence boost you need. 

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