Going on holiday and getting it right

Twenty per cent of divorced men and women take a holiday in the first six months after their divorce and twenty five per cent of those admit to having had a fling with a member of the opposite sex while away.

It's so unfair
We all need a holiday occasionally, a chance to get away from the daily grind and spend time without worrying about everyday anxieties but when it comes to taking a well-earned break, just book a flight and go.  Taking a holiday after divorce can help recharge your batteries and give you time to think about your future and your life after divorce.

aeroplane landing at duskPlan your holiday to get what you want 
Single people are often handed the short straw by travel agents and holiday companies and insensitive operators often don’t understand your circumstances adding ridiculous extra supplements and charges for things you won’t need and don’t want to pay for.

Such lack of awareness can compound your problems and negate the purpose of going on holiday in the first place.  After all, how many divorced singles want to suffer the loneliness and possible embarrassment of being dumped in a hotel full of perfect nuclear families with two parents and the required number of children?  To avoid this book your break with someone whole understands what you need and can deliver.

dreamstime_593989.jpgIt can be done
It seems that if you’re newly single and you want a break on your own just to lie in the sun somewhere quietly and to reflect about life then most travel agents will look straight through you, ignore what you really need and give you what they think you want.  Don’t throw the flip-flops and Gap T-shirt back in the wardrobe just yet, because this is not an insuperable problem.
There are a number of companies which now cater specifically for those who are on their own, are comfortable being on their own and want a holiday on their own.  Some of the big tour operators do cater for the single person and those who don’t, or won’t, are missing out because there are around two and a half million single men and women in the UK who take holidays. 

So what the hell, pack those flip-flops, decide what you really want to get out of your holiday, make sure you choose a travel operator that understands your circumstances and hop it to somewhere exotic.

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