Divorce is probably the most difficult and stressful thing that you may have to deal with in life.  Here we share some thoughts and ideas about how to recognise the signs of a marriage that is in danger and what to do about it to get it back on course.  Repairing a marriage is often better than just scrapping it.  

Relationship trouble ahead? Some important signs

Relationships are not easy and they never will be.  That’s why we spend so much time thinking and worrying about them.  The major signs of trouble are easy to identify.  But what about the smaller signs, those that are hard to spot but over the years combine to work away to damage and often destroy the relationship.


If the storm clouds are gathering take some positive action now

Divorce is never going to be a good time for either of you.  Even if you are the one doing the divorcing it is going to be a stressful and difficult experience.


How to fix an unhappy marriage - have an affair?

The road to divorce can often take us through strange lands and to unfamiliar places.  One of those is the rather dark world of Married/in a Relationship Dating.


Relationships problems - some advice about how to spot the early signs of trouble.

Our whole life is a series of interconnected relationships.  Parent/child and wife/husband are probably the most important ones and our personal relationships the most difficult. 


How to avoid divorce by rekindling the fire of the relationship

Perhaps the biggest casualty of a divorce is the loss of what can be called "the illusion."  It's the illusion that "that divorce (like cancer) happens to other people but not to us." 


The only divorce advice you will ever need

Divorce is a game of two halves but not of equal lengths.  It is often hard to know when the first part actually starts.  It creeps up upon you like a thief in the night.


How to avoid a life after divorce, check out these signs of a divorce on the way

You get married, big wedding, lots of friends and family and the two of you are floating on a sea of champagne, everlasting love and boundless hope for the future.


Why do people get divorced? How to use these insights

There has been a considerable amount of research recently, mostly in the US about the reasons why people get divorced.  The dramatic effect divorce has on both personal and national life makes it an important topic of interest and debate.


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