Help with other addictive behaviours and marital breakdown

Although drink and illegal drugs immediately spring to mind when the issue of addictions is raised, they are far from being the only culprits to cause marital breakdown and the possibility of getting divorced.

dreamstime_1510158.jpgOther addictions
There have been many well publicised cases of gamblers running up massive debts forcing the sale of property and disinheriting children.  If you need help in your life after divorce to cope with a gambling problem then Gamblers Anonymous is the website dedicated to helping anyone who thinks they may be, or are in danger of becoming a gambling addict.

Compulsive shopping
There are currently no specific therapeutic services for anyone with an addiction to shopping which can lead people into massive and unmanageable debt.  Recent studies indicate that between 2 – 10% of the adult populations in the USA and the UK have some tendencies to shop compulsively.  This is a pretty large tranche of folk by anyone’s estimation.

While the act of shopping, in itself, is not a danger to health in the manner of the over use of drink or drugs, the financial dreamstime_1956880.jpgimplications of spending on things that are not needed, or are simply not affordable, are very serious indeed.

In such cases where one partner in a marriage is haemorrhaging money that he/she knows they can’t afford, they will try to hide it from their spouse.  Chronic gamblers are likely to lie about the extent of their habit and shopaholics may well not even recognise that they have a problem at all even though they feel guilty about spending money they cannot afford.

Almost inevitably there will come a time when they can no longer cover their tracks and they will have to confront their addiction.  Getting to the root cause of any addiction is not easy and, in some cases, once the initial upset and shock of your spouse discovering your guilty secret has worn off, they may well be very supportive.

Tell the truth
Being courageous and coming clean is an admirable first step on the road to recovery but the pressure that is placed on a marriage in these circumstances may well be too huge to keep it together and getting divorced may be one of the consequences of addiction.

If you are the one with the addiction, and want to overcome your problem, then you are possibly going to need counselling and support from an expert as well. If you are not sure how to get help, then a visit to your doctor would be a good starting point.

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