How To Spy On A Mobile Phone To Catch A Cheat

Mobile phones today come with a lot of mobile spying software’s that can help you catch someone cheating on you. You never need an actual spy to keep track of your offices from goons or your partner having an illicit relationship with someone.

You can readily buy online mobile spying software that can track every moment of your partner or protect your offices from theft. Are you concerned about your employees cheating on you or your spouse having an illicit relationship? In today’s era, you can spy from the ease of your mobile phone and track all the activities.

If the signs are all there that you have a cheating spouse, but you are always lacking evidence and can’t start an argument to support your case, look no further. Today, you can monitor any cell phone activity from your mobile phone. We all know the signs of a cheating spouse - the random “business” phone calls, the late nights out and texts in the middle of the night or regular visits to an old school friend to which you aren’t invited. Once you start using the spy mobile software, you will have all the tools and information that you will need from your partner’s phone.

Here are the things you can spy on to catch a cheat:

1)      SMS Logs


·         This software keeps track of all the SMS sent from the partner’s/employees cell number.

·         All the text messages are recorded including full text, even if the mobile user deletes the original information from the phone.

·         Following activities are kept track of:

a)      Sender’s number

b)      SMS Date/Time

c)      Recipient’s Number

d)     Message Text


2)      Contacts


·         You can keep track of all the contacts in the cell phone of your spouse or an employee.

·         It also updates the newly added cell phone number.


3)      GPS tracking


·         Keep track of the GPS location of your partner/employee at runtime.

·         You can track the mobile at run time by using Google maps/Google Earth.



4)      Call Monitoring


·         You can keep track of all inbound and outbound phone calls.

·         The following activities are tracked:

a)      Number Dialed

b)      Number of the Caller

c)      Date/Duration

d)     Call Direction


5)      Photo and Video Monitoring


·         Spy on all the pictures, videos on your partner’s/employee’s cell number.

·         Videos and pictures, which are recorded on your partner’s/employee’s number, can be viewed from your mobile by using mobile spy software.


6)      Calendar Logs


·         Calendar logs on the cell number can also be tracked.

·         All the calendar events are logged including date, time and locations.


7)      Email Logs


·         Even emails can be tracked from the cell phone.

·         You can check on the outbound and inbound emails sent from your spouse/employee’s number.

Uses of mobile spying software to spy people who cheat:

1)      You can secretly track people who cheat on you, without actually being present in person at the location.


2)      Read their personal SMS and emails.


3)      Comfortable

·         You do not need to be near the mobile phone to see all its activities. Because, all the recorded activities are uploaded to your Mobile Spy online account that you can access with an authorized user name and password.


·         Check the information online at the comfort of your home or office.


4)      Completely Invisible


·         A big advantage of using mobile spy software is that it works invisibly without giving a clue to the tracked mobile number.


·         You can be tension free, as the targeted cell number cannot keep track of the surveillance procedure.


5)       Low Cost for spying


·         No need to hire a spy in person to track down your spouse or employee.


·         You can just buy mobile spy software, which costs a few dollars and can use it to track down all the activities


·         When compared to most of the surveillance programs in the market, Mobile Spy is available at a low cost.

If you are concerned about your partner or an employee cheating on you then you need not hire a spy but can opt for mobile spy software. Track your spouse/employee smartly by using mobile spy software. Mobile spy software is a safe and legal way to track people you are concerned about.

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