Learning to understand the dynamics of past relationships can help you avoid making the same mistakes in the future.  This big section of our site has thoughts about a wide range of topics such as how to create a blended family or whether it's wise to have sex with your ex and how to tackle the new post divorce relationship landscape.

The state of marriage - less divorce but more break ups

Nearly half of all children in the country will see their parents, whether married or unmarried, split up by their 16th birthday.  Marriage is getting less popular and births outside of marriage are at an all time high.


Divorce can go down the generations; how to stop it and buck the trend

If your parents were divorced then research shows that you have a greater chance of being divorced yourself.  If your spouse is also the child of divorced parents then that chance increases still further.


What's the difference between a catastrophic oil spill and a divorce? Not a lot.

They are both difficult and complex problems.  The CEO of a business consultancy wrote about the complexity of modern business problems and how our problem solving skills were not up to the task.


Nagging - it's more than just very annoying, it can be a threat to your relationship

Nagging takes place when one person in a couple repeatedly makes an often simple request of the other who consistently ignores it.


How to be single, happy and live a great life after divorce

The clear and obvious difference between now and then is that before you were part of a system, a couple.  Now through the long and often difficult divorce process you stand as a single bright star.


Space and Time: The vital balance in a relationship and one you need to get right

Getting the right balance between the time you spend together and your own personal space is fundamental to a good relationship.


Living in two places ain't easy, so help your kids learn how to do it

Perhaps the biggest tragedy in the whole divorce process is the effect upon children, especially young children.  The one thing that one can be sure of in a divorce is that you and your spouse will not be living under the same roof.


Breaking up is always traumatic – some thoughts about what to do and what not to do

Often the immediate reaction to being the dumped is to reach for the phone/laptop to send an agonised appeal to the dumper to think again. Not a good thing to do.


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