Learning to understand the dynamics of past relationships can help you avoid making the same mistakes in the future.  This big section of our site has thoughts about a wide range of topics such as how to create a blended family or whether it's wise to have sex with your ex and how to tackle the new post divorce relationship landscape.

Divorce is a four letter word

Divorce was a dirty word in our family when I was growing up, almost as bad as saying bugger or bloody but not as bad as the F word.  Read on for a personal experience of divorce in one family.


Divorce survival techniques - some practical advice for men and women

There is a lot of divorce advice about these days, so many ‘miracle' cures to speed you effortlessly towards a better life after divorce.  There are no instant ways to turn your life around.  It takes time and perseverance.  To help you begin the process of transition here is some simple, practical advice which will help you on your way to a better life.


"Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Is this what life after divorce is all about?

This most famous phrase from the Declaration of Independence which established the United States in 1776 still shines as a beacon of hope down the years.  Life, yes everyone deserves to live.  Liberty (now referred to as freedom) not universally available but highly desireable.


Staying together but living apart. It's nearly life after divorce but is it a good idea?

A long time ago in the mists of last century a relationship status was easy to define.  You were either, single, married or divorced.  It was clear cut, everyone knew where you were and indeed, where they were.


Get the pension and then go for the divorce. Life after divorce at 60

We now have an expectation of living for much longer than our parent's generation and could easily be with our partner for upwards of sixty years.  This is a long time to be sharing a home and a life.


If divorce is failure, which it isn't, must every marriage that lasts be a success?

Definitely not.  Consider the merits of an amicable and mutually agreed divorce against continuing with a violent or abusive marriage.  Divorce and a new life is always going to be the better way to go.


Having a few secrets from your partner might just be a good idea

Having secrets between you and your partner sounds like a not very good thing to do.  Divorce and the challenges of life after divorce might not be far away.  But no, it could be just the thing to do. 


If you divorce at the tea time of life you may miss the Happy Hour

Is this the tea time of your life, the time after the hurly-burly of kids, school and making one's way in the world when you are looking forward to a glass of wine in life's Happy Hour.


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