We look at your relationship life during and after the firestorm of divorce.  We have advice about how to work with your ex to create a framework to allow for effective coparenting.  It includes help for tackling life as a single parent and the joys (and difficulties) of getting your social life back together. Living as a single parent (or coparent) can be a scary prospect.  If you feel ready, the wonderful world of internet dating is only a click away.

Revenge sex – getting your own back at someone else’s expense. A good idea?

Revenge is one of the many none too nice emotions that are created by the trauma of divorce.  It lives in the tight space between desire and physical violence. Revenge is the opportunity to gain satisfaction for perceived past wrongs through retaliation.


Never say never again because you never know who you might meet

For many the second marriage or long term relationship is an even more difficult decision than the first.  They feel that their new life after divorce is not going going to include another big relationship.


Divorce doesn't just end your marriage it changes everything else in your life as well

Divorce doesn't just formalise the breakup of your marriage it recasts the whole of your life and all the relationships within it.


Getting prepared for a successful return to relationships

One of the first casualties of a bad marriage is often an unsatisfying sexual relationship which can gradually dwindle to no sexual relationship.  Many divorcing couples have not had sex (with each other!) for years.


50 ways to leave (or divorce) your lover. Some of them are better than others

Way back in 1975 Paul Simon (ace folk/soft rock singer and biggest selling solo artist on the planet) sang a song about how to break off a relationship, "50 ways to leave your lover." 


Single parent family and how to be one

There are currently nearly 2 million lone parents caring for in excess of 3 million children in the UK at this time with between 40% and 50% of children born outside of the conventions of marriage.


How to be a good divorced dad and enjoy life after divorce

After a divorce the mother almost always gets to continue to live with her kids and maintain her role in there life.  The father then becomes the geographically (and sometimes emotionally) distant parent.


Old advice on finding a new partner after divorce

Dating through the internet can be fun and rewarding.  It's easy to meet new people and kick start your life after divorce.  However, there are other ways which do not involve crouching over a hot laptop surveying a parade of possible partners from Portsmouth.


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