We look at your relationship life during and after the firestorm of divorce.  We have advice about how to work with your ex to create a framework to allow for effective coparenting.  It includes help for tackling life as a single parent and the joys (and difficulties) of getting your social life back together. Living as a single parent (or coparent) can be a scary prospect.  If you feel ready, the wonderful world of internet dating is only a click away.

Listening and talking to your children about divorce

You may be waging war with your former husband or wife but your children are innocent parties in your divorce and their interests must transcend yours and be considered carefully at every stage of the divorce process.


Residency and contact for children after divorce

One quarter of all children in the UK live in one parent families with one in ten dependent children living in a step family and  increasing numbers are growing up in homes headed by a lone mother or father.

Telling the children about divorce

Probably one of the most difficult aspects when contemplating marital breakdown what, and how, to tell any children of the marriage that their parents are getting divorced.


Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Not at all! Children need fathers and families

Divorce is never just a matter between two people.  The majority of divorces involve children and all involve the wider family of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  The impact on their lives will be considerable.


Parental responsibility and divorce

The Matrimonial Clauses Act of 1857 gave men the right to divorce their wives if they had committed adultery although women did not have the reciprocal right.  Once divorced any children of the marriage became the property of the husband.


You've just got divorced, why do you want to get straight back into a relationship?

Lots of people do and for some it might be the way to go. If you do that you give yourself no time to heal from the trauma of the divorce, no time to take stock, to reflect and no time to adjust and learn how to build a satisfying life as a single person.


Parenting is still very much part of your life after divorce

Bringing up your children whether as a resident or non resident parent should still be an important part of your life after divorce.  Parenting after divorce is often complex, frustrating and confusing.


Some difficult questions for divorced people that are best avoided

When you tell your friends and family that you are getting divorced (or are divorced) your status changes – you are now a man or woman with added dimensions.  You are a person of curiosity, a person to feel sorry for or perhaps even to envy. 


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