We look at your relationship life during and after the firestorm of divorce.  We have advice about how to work with your ex to create a framework to allow for effective coparenting.  It includes help for tackling life as a single parent and the joys (and difficulties) of getting your social life back together. Living as a single parent (or coparent) can be a scary prospect.  If you feel ready, the wonderful world of internet dating is only a click away.

Divorce, infidelity, adultery and monogamy

Adultery is one of the oldest sins in the world if not quite the most ancient. Infidelity is a broad church and covers a variety of behaviour and what may be considered acceptable to one person may be far from tolerable to another.


New life, new partner. Make sure it works for the kids too.

Life after divorce is nothing if not full of changes.  The world you had is gone forever and the future lies before you like a vast unknown land shrouded in mist and full of uncertainty.  Finding a new partner to share your journey is often a high and very understandable priority.


Society, infidelity and divorce

Nearly every time we watch a soap opera we see infidelity used as a subject for storylines. Glamourised in the media we are fascinated and titillated daily by tales of others misdemeanors. 


Positive parenting, always a good idea and absolutely vital after divorce

The two key elements of all divorces are the arrangements for caring for the children and the split of the family treasure both present and future.  These are not separate but intertwined agreements.


Divorce and the school routine. How to make it work better

The last week of the school summer holidays are a peak time for divorce. You are back from that more than expectedly stressful two weeks in Benidorm, Blackpool or Butlins. The rows and recriminations have reached a crescendo and even counselling seems a forlorn hope. It’s a bad place to be.


Children need to learn to cope with problems in life - divorce is one of the biggest challenges

Learning to cope with difficulties and disappointments in life is probably the most important childhood learning experience.  Without these skills the quest for a happy and fulfilled adult life will be more difficult.


Blending families, you're going to need more than a Magimix to make this work

As more and more divorces take place amongst couples with young children the cycle of divorce and remarriage creates the formidable task of blending two families into one functioning social unit.


Divorce, it can be really difficult for the adult kids too

If divorce is all about the money and the kids then when the kids are all grown up, is it just about the money, isn't it?  No, it is absolutely not!  Your grown up kids are very much affected by their parent's divorce.


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