We look at your relationship life during and after the firestorm of divorce.  We have advice about how to work with your ex to create a framework to allow for effective coparenting.  It includes help for tackling life as a single parent and the joys (and difficulties) of getting your social life back together. Living as a single parent (or coparent) can be a scary prospect.  If you feel ready, the wonderful world of internet dating is only a click away.

Is a second marriage the recipe for a blissful new life? Probably not.

The history of second, third and even fourth marriages is not that encouraging.  Broadly speaking the likelihood of divorce increases with the number of times you have been married.


No sex with the ex!

Divorce is a time like no other for its ability to make us do the most unpleasant things to each other as well as the most inappropriate.  Couples who have ‘fallen out of love' or ‘grown apart' can, almost overnight, fight to the death over the visiting arrangements for their children.


Divorce is a four letter word

Divorce was a dirty word in our family when I was growing up, almost as bad as saying bugger or bloody but not as bad as the F word.  Read on for a personal experience of divorce in one family.


A rose by any other name: changing your name after divorce

The divorce is underway!  You have decided upon your reasons for getting divorced, got the info on how to get a divorce and looked into your divorce finances and single parent benefits, organised the kid's new life after divorce and earmarked your share of the worldly goods.


Creating a new family after divorce

Becoming part of a stepfamily inevitably involves the breakdown of an old one e.g. via divorce. It is common to confuse the feelings children have about the breakdown of the original family with their feelings about being in a stepfamily.


Losing is the new winning!

My friend's recently divorced husband rang her the other day on some obviously fabricated pretext (had she got the tin opener or he couldn't find the Dyson), whilst on the line he took the opportunity to share some of his thoughts on life after divorce.


To pre-nup or not to pre-nup? - that is the question

A pre-nuptial agreement is a written contract between a couple intending to get married that sets out an agreement as to how their assets would be split between them if their marriage were to end in divorce.


Right person, wrong time

You’ve been married and it ended in getting divorced. You met someone else and everything seemed perfect but after dating and spending lots of time together it all ended somewhat unexpectedly. So what went wrong? 


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