Once the divorce is over and the hurt slowly begins to become bearable there is time to take stock of the future and what it might hold for you.  We offer some thoughts and advice on how to create a post divorce life including how to prepare for a new relationship and how to become a successful single parent family.  There is a new life out there and we can help you to make it a good one.  

You've just got divorced, why do you want to get straight back into a relationship?

Lots of people do and for some it might be the way to go. If you do that you give yourself no time to heal from the trauma of the divorce, no time to take stock, to reflect and no time to adjust and learn how to build a satisfying life as a single person.


How to get through the trauma and make a good life after divorce: Part Two

Divorce is a very difficult time.  Fear, anger and resentment rush into your life like three ravenous attack dogs bent on mayhem.  Guilt stalks slowly behind them biding its time before joining the fray. 


Some difficult questions for divorced people that are best avoided

When you tell your friends and family that you are getting divorced (or are divorced) your status changes – you are now a man or woman with added dimensions.  You are a person of curiosity, a person to feel sorry for or perhaps even to envy. 


How to get through the trauma and make a good life after divorce: Part One

Crises come in different shapes and sizes.  Divorce is probably the most severe and life changing.  Whatever crisis you are experiencing there are certain principles that can help you stay on top of it and come out the other side in good shape.


Post marital singleton

With 30% of all UK households now in single occupancy, and 40% of marriages ending in the divorce courts being single and divorced no longer carries the stigma that was once associated with it.


Re-establishing a social life after divorce

Finding yourself single again after getting divorced takes some getting used to. After the initial shock/euphoria of your newfound freedom has worn off, it’s fair to say some people cope with being single again better than others.


Post divorce reunion - can it ever work or is it just dangerous and deluding?

The immediate shock of the divorce can for many people be likened to being hit by a fully laden truck travelling at well over the speed limit.  For others it can be a blessed release from a nightmare relationship.


Your social life after divorce

Not feeling particularly good about yourself after a divorce is hardly surprising but cutting yourself off from other people and retreating into solitude is a temptation all too easy to give in to.


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