One of the most important aspects of recovering from divorce is understanding your financial position and getting it stabilised.  If this is anything but simple then you should speak with an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA).  We have infomation about credit card scoring and claiming State Benefits as well as advice to help you deal with some of the immediate matters that that need your attention.  Making a new will and sorting out the insurance policies are just two of them.

Money and divorce, the deadly duo

Ancillary relief and the financial implications of divorce. Getting divorced can have serious economic consequences for those concerned and those consequences can have long lasting effects.


Ways to reduce spending, essential money skills

Cutting back on spending if finance after divorce is tight does not mean that you will starve or have to walk around dressed like a bag lady or a tramp but does mean that you must stick to a carefully thought out budget. 


Credit scoring, knowing where you stand

Divorced and desperate for some credit to ease the purse strings since your divorce? What can you do if you have financial problems after divorce and need to borrow some money?


Dealing with debt after divorce

Many men and women find themselves in debt after divorce.  If you didn't have much money when you were married, half of not very much is even less but with a bit of discipline you can sort yourself out.


Claiming state benefits, getting the help you need

The benefits system exists as a safety net if times are hard since your divorce but it is no substitute for a job and the self respect that comes from earning your own living, however modest. .


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