One of the most important aspects of recovering from divorce is understanding your financial position and getting it stabilised.  If this is anything but simple then you should speak with an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA).  We have infomation about credit card scoring and claiming State Benefits as well as advice to help you deal with some of the immediate matters that that need your attention.  Making a new will and sorting out the insurance policies are just two of them.

The need for insurance

Thinking about insurance is boring but necessary but try to think of it as a security blanket, something slightly cuddly that should make you sleep better at night in your new life after divorce..


Making a budget

For most newly divorced men and women, with or without children, money and finances will feature pretty near the top of the list of things to worry about.


Savings and investments

However modest your income it is a good idea to get into the habit of saving a small amount of money on a regular basis even if you are less well off than you were before your divorce.


Buying insurance

There are three main categories of insurance which cover your house, your car and your life. There are hundreds of different policies available and you need to shop around for the best deals.


Savings and investment products

There are lots of ways to make the most of your cash in your life after divorce even if you don't have very much left over after you have paid all your bills and everyday expenses.


Credit cards, essential but be careful

When times are hard financially during your life after divorce it can be a temptation to flash the plastic but used sensibly credit cards can work to your advantage.


Making a will is a very good idea

It is probably the last thing on your mind after a divorce but if you have a will as a married person that will now need to be rewritten so that you can ensure your property and other assets go to those you want to inherit it.


Borrowing money, only if you really need to

Before undertaking any commitment to borrowing money in your life after divorce you must be realistic about how you will manage repayments.  If interest rates increase or you lose your job you may find yourself in difficulties.


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