Dating etiquette for divorced men and women

It's your first time out since getting divorced with someone fresh from My Life After Divorce dating site Would Like To Meet and wham, an attack of last minute nerves hits you like an out of control Tesco delivery lorry.

Dating advice for divorced men and women
Not surprisingly, after years of marriage you’ve forgotten where it’s safe to walk when entering the dating after divorce minefield.  Take time beforehand to decide what you are going to wear so that you are not dashing around at the last minute getting in a tizz and give yourself plenty of time to get ready before you leave.

If you take time to get your act together you will not be worrying about your appearance and can concentrate on paying attention to your companion.  It's OK to wear something alluring, but girls leave plenty to the imagination and chaps, ditch the trainers and Arsenal shirt.

pearl necklaceTop tips for dating after divorce
It is simply unbelievably bad manners to keep another person waiting especially if they are in a public place.  Being late implies that you are unreliable.
If you really do not want to go ahead with seeing someone then at least be courteous about it and let them know that you have had a change of heart.  Don’t be tempted to use a text message to tell them, that is immature, cowardly and pathetic.

Even if you decide that your companion is not the one for you, smile, grit your teeth and see the date through whilst making it as enjoyable as possible.

Show the other person that you are interested in them and don't spend the whole time talking about yourself or your ex wife or husband.  Guaranteed turn off.  Be complimentary, without gushing. Men as well as women appreciate being told that they look attractive or have a great sense of humour.

Don’t show off. Never try to impress someone with an ostentatious display of extravagance.  It's vulgar and crass.

Keep the conversation flowing on areas of mutual interest, if he or she is getting bored move on to another subject.  Above all keep it light but interesting and if you can be amusing as well then you could both be on your way to a really fun date.  

No smoking or swearing and having fun should not be dependent on drinking ten pints of lager or fifteen rocket fuel cocktails.  A drunk person is not attractive.

Never brag about your sexual conquests.  Don’t tell lies to try to get them between the sheets. You will get found out. Even in these liberated times a man should still offer to pay for the meal, cinema tickets or half a pint of warm beer on a first date.  If you want to split the bill then that's OK too. 

If you decide that you don’t like your date or don’t fancy them then let them down gently but be honest.  Don’t say that you will phone if you have no intentions of doing so.  Waiting for a call that never arrives can be deeply distressing.

The last word.  It's very unwise to sleep with someone on a first date if you are planning on a second.  Take it slowly and let things progress gradually leaving plenty of time for laughter as you go.

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