Dating advice for divorced men and women

The average length of time between getting divorced and entering a new relationship is just over two years. Be brave and dip your toe into the dating waters, you never know who you might meet.

Dating for divorced men and women
If you’ve been used to waking up next to the same person for years, trying to find someone with whom to enter into a new relationship as a divorced man or woman can be daunting. After a period of consolidation and reflection you will reach the point when you’re ready to spread your wings again. The question is how?

two swans on a lakeDon’t panic
Consider the type of person you want to meet but be open minded and don’t be panicked into thinking that someone is the only other single person your age out there. In truth, there are about nine million unattached men and women of all ages in the UK. 

Meeting the right person after divorce
If you are brave you can simply ask someone you fancy out for a drink or a meal but you are putting yourself at risk of rejection which can be both embarrassing and hurtful. Blind dates are also a tricky area as friends try to organise your life for you especially if they set you up with someone you really dislike.

Personal ads
Popular for many years, placing an ad in the personal columns of a newspaper can give results but can prove expensive.  Although it is usually free to place your ad, calling in to check if anyone has left you a message, or responding to messages is often on premium rate phone lines and costs can mount up at an alarming rate.  Some newspapers have their 'personal' linked up with their online dating.  This can be good for those people who really just want to meet a Guardian or Telegraph reader.  An excellent first filter in finding the love of your life.  

Online dating - the only way to go
This is really the only way to go.  The internet has revolutionised the way that we meet members of the opposite (or same) sex.  Millions of men and women use online dating sites every day and there are masses of companies all eager to help team you up with someone suitable.  Would Like To Meet is our dating site for divorced people.  You can join for free and start looking for someone straight away once you have completed your online profile.  Online dating is flexible and easy to use and provides confidentiality for users.

two people at speed dating sessionSpeed dating
What’s it all about? A quick internet search will reveal events in your area.  The format itself is fairly standard, with an allotted short time in which to impress prospective partners.

Speed dating is popular with busy professional people but probably wouldn’t suit the slightly shy or reticent type as you only have a few minutes to make an impact on someone.  Often seen as a little brutal, it does avoid that traditional date when you realise in the first few seconds that it's going to be a non starter. 

Introduction agencies
If you want someone else to do all the leg work for you in your pursuit of love then an introduction agency may be the answer. Not the cheapest option however but using careful profiling a good agency will try to match you up with potential partners with a decent chance that you will meet someone really special.

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