Style tips for women

When it comes to looking good after divorce, it’s important to understand that you need to make the most of your assets and develop a style that is low maintenance, practical and affordable and without being a slave to fashion.

Dressing to suit your body shape: a report from the Style Police
We all have parts of our body that we are unhappy about but being aware of a few basic rules when you shop for clothes will make things easier for you to buy clothes that fit properly and can save you money as you will be less likely to buy things that don’t suit you, or that you don’t feel comfortable wearing.

The following is an abstract taken from Executive Orders for the Regulation of Style in the dress of all Female Persons resident in the United Kingdom as approved by The Style Council dated 12th June 2014.

Tall woman with shorter guyTall girls
Should not wear one colour from head to foot, totally flat shoes or vertical stripes or other patterns.  Tall girls should wear skirts with a bit of detail along the bottom and layers as well as straight or boot cut trousers with a low waist and shoes with a small heel.  Carry a big bag and wear big jewellery.

Short girls
Should not wear cropped trousers or those with large turn-ups or wide legs. Neither should they wear lots of colours, chunky jewellery and accessories, large patterns or prints, horizontal stripes or layers.  Short girls should wear unfussy clothes in one colour and accessories in proportion.

Girls with large breasts
Should make sure they are wearing the correct size bra.  This so important as an ill fitting bra will do nothing for your sihouette or your self esteem.  Avoid wearing tops with frills and fussy necklines, camisoles and other strappy tops.  Bulky tops are also a no no or anything too revealing.  They should wear v or scoop necks that are not too in your face, fitted tops and shirts and dark, non shiny, matt fabrics.  They should also wear boot leg trousers and full skirts to balance out their top half.

Girls with small breasts
Should not wear a bra under lightweight fabrics. They should wear tops with halter necks that make shoulders look bigger, and tops or dresses with thin straps.

Girls with large hips or thighs
Should not wear combat or cargo pants with pockets on the sides, bias cut dresses or skirts, narrow legged trousers, tapered skirts or flat shoes. Neither should they wear belts around the waist or jackets that flare over the hips. They should wear bootleg trousers, heels, and close fitting skirts that end just below the knee and long, knee length jackets that will help balance their bottom half.

Girls with big tummies
Should not wear drawstring trousers, too small support pants or tucked in tops. They should wear skirts made from structured fabrics to hold in that tummy and longer cardigans and jackets with the last few buttons left undone so that they skim over the problem area. They should also wear chunky belts across the lower stomach.

Girls with big bottomsgirl with big bottom on a bicycle
Should not wear too large trousers or those with pockets on the back, bias cut skirts or dresses or fabrics that cling to the botty. Neither should they wear light colours below the waist, narrow legged trousers or shiny fabics. They should wear looser fitting trousers or pinstripes and dark colours on the lower half. 

This is what real girls do!
Girls who have three or more of the above characteristics should either wear nothing at all or realise they are still attractive and sexy human beings who will not be dictated to by the Style Police and believe in the right of all people to dress exactly as they please.

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