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Raising your spirits by not dressing like a slob can help lift you out of the trough of despond caused by getting divorced.  Here are some ways to help you make the most of your particular body shape and avoid fashion disasters.

Mick Jagger looking goodMen as well as women have notions of style or have aspirations to emulate the look of high profile male style icons such as (fill in here your favourite style icon).  Fortuneately these days you don't need to be under thirty to look well dressed and stylish.

Ask Mick Jagger, he has spent the last forty years of his life being over thirty and a very stylish man.  A sense of refinement, either casual or formal and great dress sense are achievable at any age. Looking good, confident and stylish is most certainly not the sole preserve of the young.

 Some men can achieve this effortlessly.  Whether they shop at Matalan or at a super cool Hoxton store they just know how to put it all together to get a unique, stylish look.  The rest of us need help to get there.   

So we have put together some basic thoughts and guidence relating to body shapes and sizes.  Getting this right will then allow you to give full rein to your own imagination and inventiveness.  It does not have to cost a lot of money it just needs a bit of thought and careful planning.  Decide on the shops you feel are right for you and your budget and then put together a look using clothes from all three.  M&S, Matalan and TK Maxx can make a dynamic combination.

The following is an abstract taken from Executive Orders for the Regulation of Style in the dress of all Male Persons resident in the United Kingdom as approved by The Style Council dated 12th June 2014.   

Short boys
Should not wear shoes or boots with high heels, jackets, big turn-ups on or have them too short or too wide, they won’t make you look taller, just ridiculous. They should opt for vertical stripes, straight leg trousers and single breasted jackets, sleeves and trousers should be as long as possible.  Bernie Eccelstone of F1 should definitely not be used as a role model!

Tall boys (not that piece of furniture your granny used to have in her bedroom)
Should wear longer fitting jackets, double breasted suits, low waisted trousers and should try layering on the top half. Tall boys should not wear anything with a zip down the front (apart from trousers, of course!), jackets done all the way up, vertical stripes, jackets that stop at the waist or thin ties.

Thin boys
Should not wear shiny fabrics (but then nor should anyone else!), v-necks, vertical stripes or patterns, tight fitting tops or narrow ties. They should wear double breasted suits, baggy low waisted trousers, chunky sweaters and polo necks, tops with horizontal stripes, padded jackets, t-shirts under waistcoats and shirts buttoned all the way up to the neck.

Chunky boys
Should not wear bulky sweaters, polo necks, trousers with turn ups, padded jackets, shirts buttoned all the way up or too tight tops, loud ties. They should make sure that they buy the correct size for shirts, wear v-necks, vertical stripes or patterns (subtle), open neck shirts, ties in a plain colour, dark tops and fine knits.

fat man man in a boatBoys with big bottoms
Should not wear light coloured trousers or those in shiny or clingy fabrics or that are likely to reveal bum cleavage when you bend over. They should wear loose fit or baggy trousers in plain fabrics.

Boys with big stomachs
Should wear loose fitting clothes in darker colours and single breasted jackets and trousers in similar shades. Trousers should be large enough to do up comfortably on the tummy area and ties should come down to but not below the waistband.

They should not wear trousers that come up too high on the stomach area, double breasted jackets, light colours or anything too small that will stretch across the tummy.

This is what real chaps do!
Chaps who have three or more of the above characteristics should either wear nothing at all or realise they are still attractive and sexy human beings who will not be dictated to by the Style Police and believe in the right of all people to dress exactly as they please.

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