Looking after your hair

The stress of getting divorced can add to the damage done by sun, water, air conditioning and central heating to your hair. To minimise the effects of daily life on your crowning glory follow our life after divorce tips for lustrous locks.

hair cutting scissorsTrim it
Having a trim will improve the condition of your hair.  Dryness starts from the ends so if your hair starts to look a bit sad, rethink your salon schedule.  If you normally get a trim every 10 weeks, start going every eight weeks; if it's every eight weeks, make it six and if you can’t remember the last time you had your cut then get one straight away.

No wonder you look like something the cat dragged in and it could be the reason why no-one has asked you out for dinner since you decided to get a divorce.  Now an invitation to dinner with that handsome hunk in the bank (do such creatures work in banks?) is not guaranteed, but you may be in with a chance. 

Going for a swim?
Chlorine really can give blonde hair a green tinge and brunettes can get a greyish hue. The sea's not much better as the minerals dehydrate hair and can make coloured hair brassy.  Get a targeted post-swimming shampoo and make sure that you use conditioner after washing.

Use conditioner and eat proper food
If you're straightening or blow-drying your hair on a daily basis, your normal conditioner may not be enough to protect the hair. Use a repair cream or a leave-in conditioner before your styling, especially on the ends, to seal and protect the hair follicles.  Eat a balanced diet to help keep your post divorce hair ( and your body!) in good condition.

woman shampooing her hairSun damage
Too much exposure to the sun can damage hair making it more likely to break.  Coloured or dry hair is already damaged and the sun will make the hair even more fragile.  Invest in a product that contains an oil or sunscreen to stop hair splitting.  If you have invested some cash in a well deserved holiday after divorce make sure ou don't blow your chances of romance with a frizzy, unkempt mane.

DIY hair care
Food can help your hair from the outside as well as from the inside so for DIY haircare recipes raid the fridge. For hair that lacks sheen, rinse with a mixture of vinegar and water after shampooing and conditioning.

Hair needs protein to shine and egg, avocado and mayonnaise are great sources of protein which leave hair shiny and sleek.  Mix half an avocado and an egg into a paste and use as a hair mask for 20 minutes.  Sounds awful but it works. 

Use the vitamins in fruits to add bounce and volume to hair.  Mash them and massage into hair and leave for half an hour.  Apple, banana, fig and pear are good for moisture while cranberries, grapes, lemon and pomegranate will benefit oily hair.

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