Look good, feel great

Paying attention to your appearance can give you a great lift after the rigours of a divorce.  Making an effort with your appearance not only boosts your confidence but lets others know that you are a fully paid up member of the human race.

dreamstime_2036672.jpgThe importance of looking good after divorce
If you’ve just been through a stressful break up, chances are you won’t be feeling that great about yourself.  Your confidence may be at rock bottom and your respect for yourself has quite likely taken a hit since your divorce not only leaving you shell shocked, but looking as washed out physically as you feel emotionally.

You may not see the point of making an extra effort or indeed any effort with your appearance at this point in your life.  Hiding away watching soaps on the TV unshaven and unkempt is the exact opposite of what you need to be doing right now.
Make up and haircuts
Now is the time for women to pay extra attention to their makeup and hair, and for men to shave regularly and make a visit to the barber.  Why?  Looking good after divorce will not only make you feel good but will in turn affect the way other people react toward you making you feel more confident as your self esteem spirals upwards in a self-fulfilling cycle that should not be under estimated. 
Television can helpmakeup brushes
Paying attention to grooming as well as how you dress really can change your life - witness the string of successful makeover programmes on television.  Every week there is a new immaculately turned out protocelebrity dedicating his or her life to making you into the perfect person from Plymouth, Preston or Peterborough.  Take out the entertainment hype from the programmes and beneath there are often some practical ideas that really work.  
Popular magazine titles that give great advice and help on choosing and using cosmetics and grooming products, changing your hairstyle and colour - for both sexes – and generally helping you to make the most of yourself. 

It's back to that exercise thing
Exercise will also help your new look and start to get you toned up ready to have some fun and getting your hair done, having a facial or a massage also means mixing with others in a relaxed atmosphere where you can chat with your stylist, beautician or masseuse and other clients.  You’ll not only find it relaxing but beneficial as therapy too so that when you go out for an evening with friends or on a romantic encounter you will not only look, but feel, like a new person.


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