Grooming for girls

Cosmetics, (like husbands) can become stale and boring, and what suited us ten years ago may not look quite so great as we get older and skin tones gradually change and hair loses its colour.

Girl's stuff
The world of cosmetics and beauty products is massive and can be confusing with the huge array of products from which to choose. Too frequently we find a lipstick or a foundation that we like and boy do we stick to it.

Be bold
Experimentation in the wonderful world of cosmetics, grooming and hair care products is sometimes discouraged by married partners who fear that there is some ulterior motive behind a desire to look attractive but getting divorced means you can throw caution to the winds.

dreamstime_1204728.jpgHave fun
Playing around with different products can be great fun and getting together with girl friends and having a playful evening messing around with each others make up is a good and inexpensive way of trying out new stuff before investing in something fresh and exciting and can help avoid expensive mistakes. 

Grooming for women
If you feel intimidated by the cosmetics counters in stores staffed by scary women in white uniforms there are some great websites specialising in beauty products for women and men.

Beautybay has a fantastic selection of products (for chap's as well) and gives good advice on how to choose the correct foundation for your skin tone and helpful tips on applying makeup for those of you who may have relied on little more than a flick of mascara and a touch of lippy in the past and who would like some guidance on getting girled up but don’t want to end up looking like Pat off Eastenders.

Slapiton offers free delivery on all UK orders and aims to despatch your order within three days.  All the best names in hair and beauty at great prices and a selection of electrical items including ceramic straighteners and turbo dryers.

girl with wet hairSo that you can enjoy a clear conscience about the ethical origins of your shampoo, moisturiser or makeup that staple of the high street, the Body Shop, can offer you hair care, beauty and aromatherapy products that you can be assured have been sourced and produced according to rigorous standards.

So, what's it all for?
Once you’re shaved, plucked, scrubbed, exfoliated, cleansed, moisturised, waxed, fragranced and made up, with your hair washed, conditioned, coloured, highlighted and tweaked into fabulousness you’ll not only feel great, but also look like that confident, attractive single that has been lurking underneath that married exterior for so long.

Spending some time, money and effort on keeping yourself looking good after divorce, is a crucial investment for your long-term self-esteem.  Your aim is to get back out there as an active, confident, and fun loving single as soon as possible – so make sure you look great and get noticed for all the right reasons.

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