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Do you want to be irresistable to women now that you are divorced or do you want to wallow in a grubby unshaven world of computer magazines and empty beer bottles?

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Trying to maintain your looks, uphold personal grooming standards and a sense of style is especially important for men embarking on a new life after divorce.

Women do understand the link between looking good and feeling good, but men often just ‘make do’, mistaking a few splashes of Lynx and a couple of dollops of hair gel for sophistication and hoping to rely on their sparkling conversation and wit to cut it with the girls – think again boys!

Don’t let yourself go
It’s especially important that blokes don’t ‘let themselves go’ after divorce because, quite frankly, you never who you might meet or when.  A good haircut at a decent hairdresser in town instead of a quick tidy up for a fiver at the barber down a side street should start you thinking like a metrosexual.

You’re single now and the world has moved on from the last time you were out and about as a single. Comb-overs and a lack of deodorant just don’t cut it anymore.

Make the most of yourself
When it comes to making the most of your assets most women have the sense to know that a nice frock, a decent hair cut and a bit of slap can help you feel better even if your heart is breaking. Unfortunately, despite a recent shift in the modern role model away from the all encompassing macho male most blokes still don’t have a clue when it comes to looking good and only a tiny minority have grasped the importance of the correlation between personal grooming for men and enhanced respect for self that has nothing to do with being unmanly.

In recent years, high profile male sports stars have ‘come out’ as being serial full-body waxers, sun bed surfers and fragrance splashers. Their example has inspired a new generation of men both young and old, to pluck their eyebrows, whiten their teeth and pinch their girlfriends’ make up and not be ashamed or embarrassed in doing so.

dreamstime_1566592.jpgDavid Beckham still knows how to do it
Still the undisputed king of the metrosexual man, he is equally at home as a global sports person as he is marketing his new perfume.  A few years ago, this level of male grooming would have been seen as not the thing for a ‘real’ man to do but the world has changed and red blooded females love a man who has made an effort with his appearance and smells great. 

Buying grooming products
Don’t be put off by apparently girly sites such as Beautybay and Slapiton which both have good selections of products for chaps and don’t forget the good old Body Shop if you want great stuff for men with a guaranteed ethical provenance.

Taking care of your appearance, especially after a strength sapping divorce, is very important not only for your physical health (through exercise), but your mental health too. Women are right; (aren't they always?) looking your best has a positive knock on effect in regard to your sense of self-esteem. So chaps, it’s time to shape up, brush up and get grooming. 

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