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Getting divorced does not mean that you should turn into some lout wearing two for a fiver T-shirts from Primark and a pair of trousers that should have been consigned to the re-cycling bin at least a year ago.

ethical handbagCan't afford designer stuff after divorce?
Even if your budget for buying new threads has been drastically reduced by an expensive divorce settlement it is still possible to look good and do your bit to help the planet at the same time.

Fashion, by its very ephemeral, ‘of the moment’ nature can never be truly green but it can be ethical – up to a point.  If you are concerned about where and how your clothing is produced this may be a problem that has taxed your brain along with getting divorced.

New trends and being green 
As each fashion trend becomes popular with the masses so the elite hunt out the next new thing and so it goes on until the whole thing has turned full circle and gone back to where it started. Each new trend is therefore a potential ecological disaster connected as it is with that ‘must have’ urge that propels some women to buy the same style shirt or dress in every available colour and which may only be worn once, or indeed not at all.

Then there are the concerns about working conditions and were those jeans made by a three year old sitting in a dark shed for a bowl of rice a day?  Throw in environmental worries about pesticides being sprayed willy nilly over cotton crops that may one day be made into your underwear and the whole issue of a pleasant afternoon wandering round the high street looking for something to wear now you have started dating after divorce turns into a nightmare.

shop selling vegetarian shoesI don't want to be a frump but I do want to help save the planet
Ethical clothing has a bad image not unconnected with shapeless hand knitted lama wool sweaters, luridly coloured tie-dyed skirts and other remnants of a bygone era.  However, the options for dressing well and ethically are growing on a daily basis with companies purporting to support green issues springing up everywhere.

For the ethically minded divorced woman who is not prepared to give up her handbag addiction there are more and more companies online selling fair-trade and organically produced clothes.  A quick Google will throw up dozens.  It is also possible to buy vegetarian and vegan footwear although I never realised it was possible to eat shoes! 

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