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Worrying about your fashion sense may well be the last thing on your mind since your divorce but if you don't want the style police banging on your door, being rude about your wardrobe then get your act together.


dreamstime_2657202.jpgHow you look and present yourself to the world at large is at the core of your sense of self and going out stylishly and attractively dressed can work wonders if getting divorced has sapped your confidence.

If you’ve taken to traipsing to the corner shop in your trackie bottoms and an old t-shirt, you might want to think again about the image you are presenting to a waiting world.

Not only are you committing a heinous fashion crime but you are also denying yourself the right to feel attractive.  You should not be hiding away in your post divorce life but grasping the opportunity as a fledgling single of getting out into society again and meeting new people.  Making an effort about the way you look is a big part of this process.

No need to shop till you drop
Shopping online is now easier than ever and leaves you free to enjoy your leisure time without having to wrestle with traffic jams or crowds and its rapid growth means that there is no excuse not to make an effort, with websites that cater to every style and budget.

If you don’t have any particular fashion aspirations in your life after divorce, but just want a style that doesn’t date, there are plenty of companies that cater for the classic look for both men and women.  John Lewis have some classy clothing for both men and women with some lovely dresses for special occasions as well as casual clothing for both sexes.  Not always the cheapest option but when you buy something from them you know it won’t fall apart the first time you wash it and, if it does, their second to none customer service will help sort things out for you.

Big girlsDolly Parton
For a long time it has been very difficult for women to buy appealing, flattering clothes in bigger sizes but, at last, designers and manufacturers seem to be realising that we are not only getting taller, but bigger, with the majority of women in the UK wearing a dress size 16 or over.

Looking good helps you feel better too
When you’ve been through the maelstrom of divorce it can sometimes be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel but by updating your wardrobe and stepping out looking your best, you can hold your head up high and regain your confidence. Looking good has never been easier and you owe it to yourself and those around you to make the effort. 


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