How to buy underwear for the woman in your life

One of men's greatest impulses is to buy women's underwear.  Not for themselves I hasten to add.  Although I understand that some women do like to share their knickers with their lover. 

Whether you are experiencing life after divorce or life where divorce is an unpleasant possibility or where it absolutely isn't this impulse to buy intimate presents for your partner needs to be considered very carefully.  Get it right and it is a really fine idea, get it wrong and things could go badly for you.

woman in ed bra and knickersThe choice
Good underwear has never saved a marriage but it can be a good idea in that first relationship in your new life after divorce.  The most important starting point is to understand her taste in under garments.  If she is strictly a simple cotton and everyday M&S girl then Knickerbox is probably not quite right right and Ann Summers is a place to which you need not go.  Your local department store is always a good idea as they tend to stock a wide range of lingerie so you will be able to get it just right.   

So bear this in mind as the worst reaction you can get is "You don't think I'm going to wear that, do you?"  Hit a comfortable level of eroticism and she will love them and appreciate your thoughtfulness.  Don't buy what you think is sexy but choose something that you think she will feel comfortable and sexy wearing.

Size matters
For those who are up to speed on this size stuff please go straight to the next section.

Get the size wrong and you're sunk from the start, especially if they are too big.  Knickers are easy as they are the same as dress size, which is just one number.  If you don't know what that number is then you have to find out.  Be careful here as if you are discovered rummaging through your beloved's knicker drawer your actions may be misinterpreted!

Bras are more difficult.  Buying sets of underwear (bra and knickers) is a lot more difficult and should not be undertaken until you have mastered the art of buying knickers.  Build on that success and using your new confidence style expertise you can graduate to the next step.

Sizing bras involves a number and a letter or two.  The number is the distance in inches around your lover's back, the letter or letters denotes the size of the actual breast and is known as the cup size.

A is small and JJ is mega.  However, most women are between B and D.  Although just to make things a bit more confusing only from D onwards are there double letters like DD or FF.  The only way to be sure of getting this right is to investigate her existing bras.  Please note the caution in the previous paragraph regarding knickers.

woman wearing black knickers and suspendersThat's all the technical stuff, now comes the fun bit
All you have to do now is to buy the garments of her dreams.  There are two ways to go here.  Internet or a real shop.  Both have advantages and disadvantages.  The internet has anonymity but you will have to trawl through countless sites to satisfy your quest.  Try Figleaves, it's a good site with a wide choice.

Mr Google will give you a bewildering choice from the downright boring to a PVC basque nightmare.  We recommend a shop, it's easier to browse and the sales assistant can always advise on the relative benefits of the basic styles, shorts, briefs and thongs.  Be bold, they know a lot more about knickers than you do and their insights and recommendations can be invaluable.

There is nothing to be embarrassed about
Don't worry about any embarrassment here.  Just because you are the only man in a shop full of women surrounded by lingerie needn't be intimidating.  They are used to men buying bras and knickers.  However, there is something you really should not do.  If you happen to be next to a woman holding a pair of inappropriate knickers against her body in front of a mirror don't whisper in her ear, "I wouldn't if I were you."  The reaction could ruin your day and hers.

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