The law states that there are five reasons that you can have for seeking a divorce.  Some are based on facts but the most used reason is based on interpretation - 'unreasonable behaviour'.  It is your decision alone to state that his/her behaviour was unacceptable.  No evidence is required.  If the divorce goes to court this will not be challenged.

Divorce - Hang on and ride out the storm or run before the wind to a unknown port?

Divorce is always a possibility.  Even for those couples who say they are happy or at the least content.  It's out there and so easy to start and so difficult to stop.


An all too common reason for divorce: Domestic Violence

There are many different reasons for divorce and separation but for some unlucky individuals its domestic violence and intimidation. It is estimated that around 3 million people, mostly women, suffer at the hands of their partners and divorce is often the only solution.


Is divorce the only answer to a failed marriage?

Not necessarily.  There is another way to resolve your difficulties without resorting to the whole divorce process and choosing one of the five reasons for divorce.  If divorce was possible without actually being divorced that just might be a good idea.


What are the grounds for divorce? And do they matter?

There are officially five grounds for divorce in the UK.  Most divorces are brought because of the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage through the "unreasonable behaviour" of the husband or wife. You will not have to prove that this unreasonable behaviour has taken place.


A brief history of divorce

Men have wanted to leave their wives and women their husbands through divorce ever since the idea of marriage developed in early times.  Then it was as much about social and economic stability as love and desire.


The total and absolute truth about the reasons for divorce

You absolutely do not need to have a reason for getting a divorce.  If you want a divorce you can have one and there is only one easy question to be answered.  Divorce is available on demand.


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