This is the most important part of the website offering help and support with all the difficult legal and financial aspects of the divorce process.  We offer advice on how to get the best outcome from your divorce and how to cope with difficulties and traumas that you may encounter on your journey to the other side of divorce. 

Divorce is a time when life changing decisions have to be made.  To help you make the best decisions you need the right legal and financial advice to guide you.  We offer a service to help find the best local experts for you.

Legal Advice
The right legal advice even before the divorce process begins is vital.  Your lawyer can explain how the complex process works so you know what to expect before you start.  It's vital to use a specialist Family Law solicitor for their expert knowledge and experience. We can help you find a the right Divorce Solicitor for you.

Financial Advice
Finances are a very important subject and most people need expert advice from an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) about their financial situation whilst contemplating divorce, during a divorce, or after a divorce.  We can help you find your nearest Divorce Financial Expert.

How to make the divorce process a bit easier: Part One

Divorce is never going to be a walk in the park and your life after divorce is going to be very different.  Here is some useful divorce advice on how to make the divorce process a little less painful for both of you and the transition to a new life a little easier.


How to make the divorce process a bit easier: Part Two

The divorce process is always going to be painful.  Many couples find it all too easy to make difficulties for each other and to deny the reality of their situation.  Here is some divorce advice to help make the divorce process and the change to a new life just a little bit better.


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