This is the most important part of the website offering help and support with all the difficult legal and financial aspects of the divorce process.  We offer advice on how to get the best outcome from your divorce and how to cope with difficulties and traumas that you may encounter on your journey to the other side of divorce. 

Divorce is a time when life changing decisions have to be made.  To help you make the best decisions you need the right legal and financial advice to guide you.  We offer a service to help find the best local experts for you.

Legal Advice
The right legal advice even before the divorce process begins is vital.  Your lawyer can explain how the complex process works so you know what to expect before you start.  It's vital to use a specialist Family Law solicitor for their expert knowledge and experience. We can help you find a the right Divorce Solicitor for you.

Financial Advice
Finances are a very important subject and most people need expert advice from an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) about their financial situation whilst contemplating divorce, during a divorce, or after a divorce.  We can help you find your nearest Divorce Financial Expert.

Don't get divorced without getting a new will

Divorce pretty much takes up all your time, energy and emotional capital (whatever that might be?).  So probably the last thing you will be thinking about right now is your will.  You should because it's very important.


The total and absolute truth about the reasons for divorce

You absolutely do not need to have a reason for getting a divorce.  If you want a divorce you can have one and there is only one easy question to be answered.  Divorce is available on demand.


Divorce and how to pay for it, the banks fail to be of any use at all.

The financial crisis of 2008, still euphemistically referred to as the ‘Credit Crunch', has caused untold and lasting damage to the world economy and has now impacted on divorce.


Your credit rating after divorce

Whether you or your partner took care of your finances or both of you in equal measure.  It's a good time to take stock.  A key factor in this is your credit rating. We explain what it is, and how you can check and improve it.


Some useful ways to help you work through the divorce process

The divorce process is probably the most difficult and distressing you will ever experience in your life.  In bereavement you will have universal sympathy for your loss.  In divorce you almost certainly will not.  Divorce is divisive.


Mediation should be the best way ahead to a better life after divorce

In a much to be welcomed change in family court procedures all separating or divorcing couples will soon be referred to mediation to try to settle their disputes.


Splitting the assets after divorce Part 1

A cautionary tale of marriage breakdown and divorce. What can happen when an average couple with children and modest assets decide to get a divorce.


Money is the keystone of the divorce process. Get it right

Money and the material wellbeing that it affords can play a big part in the success or otherwise of a marriage.  If it all goes wrong and the only answer is to divorce then money (or the division of the family assets) will again play an important role in the divorce proceedings.


Glossary of divorce terms D-G

Here are a few words decoded to keep you up to speed with the divorce lawyers.  It's bad enough having to pay them, it's even worse if you have to keep asking what they are talking about.


Splitting the assets after divorce Part 2

More about the financial implications of divorce. What can happen during marriage breakdown when one partners is legally aided and the apparent unfairnesses that can result.


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