The divorce process is complicated and needs to be understood so that you can take control of your divorce and get the best outcome.  Whichever way you go about your divorce the legal process must be adhered to so it is very important to know the correct way of going about it.  We also give advice about how to deal with some of the problems that may occur. 

Some useful ways to help you work through the divorce process

The divorce process is probably the most difficult and distressing you will ever experience in your life.  In bereavement you will have universal sympathy for your loss.  In divorce you almost certainly will not.  Divorce is divisive.


Mediation should be the best way ahead to a better life after divorce

In a much to be welcomed change in family court procedures all separating or divorcing couples will soon be referred to mediation to try to settle their disputes.


Get the best from your divorce lawyer - learn how to be a good client

Divorce is a difficult, stressful and frightening time and it can also be tough for the lawyers too.  They very often have to work with people who are going through an intense personal crisis and are running scared.


The divorce process - six not so simple steps

The process of divorce is not a simple one.  Even the most straightforward divorce requires a very considerable amount of paperwork with lots of quaint legal phrases designed more to obscure than explain their meaning.


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