The divorce process is complicated and needs to be understood so that you can take control of your divorce and get the best outcome.  Whichever way you go about your divorce the legal process must be adhered to so it is very important to know the correct way of going about it.  We also give advice about how to deal with some of the problems that may occur. 

Marriage, civil partnerships, cohabitation and divorce

Marriage and civil partnerships give those concerned rights during the life of a relationship and during divorce that are currently not available to those who choose not to formalise their relationship.


The divorce process explained step by step

The law states that "The court will only grant you a divorce if a judge agrees that your marriage is at an end."  The legal term for this is 'irretrievably broken down'.  Below are the five reasons which you can demonstrate that your marriage is beyond repair.


How to make the divorce process a bit easier: Part Two

The divorce process is always going to be painful.  Many couples find it all too easy to make difficulties for each other and to deny the reality of their situation.  Here is some divorce advice to help make the divorce process and the change to a new life just a little bit better.


How to make the divorce process a bit easier: Part One

Divorce is never going to be a walk in the park and your life after divorce is going to be very different.  Here is some useful divorce advice on how to make the divorce process a little less painful for both of you and the transition to a new life a little easier.


Cohabitation: If you don't marry you will certainly avoid divorce

Living together is not the same as being married, you avoid the possibility of divorce but your financial rights within the relationship are very different.


How to get a divorce, the facts of the divorce process

How do you go about getting a divorce?  Here is a description of the things you will need to do to get a divorce.  Finding and choosing a divorce solicitor to represent you is vital if you are to get the best outcome from the divorce process.


A simple guide to getting divorced

Wafting down the aisle looking fabulous in a white frock or striding along in a macho morning suit may seem to bear no relevance to getting divorced but sadly, it no longer guarantees a lifetime's commitment to marriage either.


Men and the divorce process

A special bit about the way men can be short changed by the divorce process. Much concern has been expressed about a divorce system that, at times, appears to substantially favour the wife to the detriment of the husband.


4 great big mistakes to avoid in the divorce process

The moment you decide (or your spouse decides for you) that your marriage is at an end and the divorce process is about to begin the stress levels will ramp up rapidly for both of you.  All the emotions of guilt, fear, hurt and anger threaten to engulf you. 


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