More information about how to get the best financial settlement from your divorce.  Divorce is really about the provision and well being of the kids but if you don't have kids then the money takes centre stage.  The best plan is to get the settlement done as quickly and fairly as possible, we can help you do that. 

How to get the right divorce lawyer for you

The knowledge and experience of your lawyer can make all the difference between a fair, equitable and reasonable divorce and you being shafted financially, thrust into bleak penury and condemned to a life of difficulty for years.


What you really need is a divorce finance expert

Divorce is all about the future of your children and the division of the money both now and in the future. If you have no children or they are grown up then it's just about how the family assets and future earnings should be split.  This is often the most difficult part of the divorce to agree.


Pensions and maintenance after divorce

The issue of what happens to a pension that may have been built up over many years can prove problematic after a divorce and the issue of maintenance may also need to be addressed.


Money is the keystone of the divorce process. Get it right

Money and the material wellbeing that it affords can play a big part in the success or otherwise of a marriage.  If it all goes wrong and the only answer is to divorce then money (or the division of the family assets) will again play an important role in the divorce proceedings.


Divorce is very expensive, so try to agree the financial settlement quickly

The best way to have an expensive divorce is to not talk to each other and then argue every point from who gets the toaster or the Waterford crystal to the level and duration of maintenance payments.


Divorce and how to pay for it, the banks fail to be of any use at all.

The financial crisis of 2008, still euphemistically referred to as the ‘Credit Crunch', has caused untold and lasting damage to the world economy and has now impacted on divorce.


Divorce - the Art of War or something a little more gentle

Managing your divorce is going to be one of the most difficult tasks in your life.  What you want, what you need and what you eventually settle for are, in most cases going to be three rather different things.


Divorce - it ought to be about the kids but mostly it's about the money

The relationship aspect of divorce is of no real interest to the State or most (but not all) divorce lawyers.  The hard core aspects of this distressing process are residency and access to the children and how to divide up the dosh.


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