After the divorce there is so much to do getting your life back into shape.  Finances again play a big part in this as once they have settled down you can concentrate on reshaping your life and begin to build a new and happier life.  As you do that don't forget to write a new will - boring but very necessary as if you already have one things now will be different.     

It's so important to get the best divorce financial advice

When you go to a lawyer or accountant for advice about your divorce you will get a bill based on the length of time they spend with you.  Advice from an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) can be paid for in two different ways, 


Financial support for children after divorce

Coming to an agreement about supporting any children after a divorce is essential and may not be easy to arrange.  However, sound financial arrangements must be in place to ensure that children do not lose out when a couple get divorced.


Plan your finances to prosper in your life after divorce

After the firestorm of divorce has finally abated and the scorched earth of reality is there for all to see it seems to me that very often one of the two newly single people is often much better off than the other.


How to get the best from your divorce settlement

The current world recession is likely to be even worse for divorced people than for the rest of the population.  Most divorcees find themselves in a challenging (that is to say, at times, bloody difficult) position.


Your credit rating after divorce

Whether you or your partner took care of your finances or both of you in equal measure.  It's a good time to take stock.  A key factor in this is your credit rating. We explain what it is, and how you can check and improve it.


You've agreed the financial settlement now make best use of it

You're near the end of the divorce process.  The protracted and stressful negotiations or the amicable discussions have been concluded and a financial settlement agreed with your nearly ex-spouse.  Hopefully it is all fair and reasonable for both of you.  


Don't get divorced without getting a new will

Divorce pretty much takes up all your time, energy and emotional capital (whatever that might be?).  So probably the last thing you will be thinking about right now is your will.  You should because it's very important.


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