One of the most important aspect of the divorce process is the division of the assets of the marriage.  We offer advice about how to do this fairly and with respect for each other.  This often involves a tough stance to defend against lawyers who seek to exploit your financial position to the advantage of their client.  We also look at Prenuptial Agreements

Pre-nuptial agreements

Are pre-nuptial agreements relevant to the current divorce process? Where do you stand if you agreed to a pre nuptial agreement before your marriage and subsequent divorce?


Pre nuptial update - how to avoid life after divorce being a financial calamity

Divorce is all about the children and the money.  It's really that simple.  If you have an agreement about how the assets of the marriage are to be divided between you in the event of a divorce then at least you won't be arguing about who gets what.


Splitting the assets after divorce Part 2

More about the financial implications of divorce. What can happen during marriage breakdown when one partners is legally aided and the apparent unfairnesses that can result.


Helpful advice on how to survive financially after divorce

The real truth about divorce is that one or both of you couldn't really afford it.  It's a rare event for two people to split a marriage into two halves and both of them make it work financially.  Two separate lives cost a great deal more to run than one.


Splitting the assets after divorce Part 1

A cautionary tale of marriage breakdown and divorce. What can happen when an average couple with children and modest assets decide to get a divorce.


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