Glossary of divorce terms D-G

Here are a few words decoded to keep you up to speed with the divorce lawyers.  It's bad enough having to pay them, it's even worse if you have to keep asking what they are talking about.

Decree Absolute
The final court order which ends a marriage.

Decree Nisi
A provisional order showing that the court is satisfied that grounds for divorce have been established

Duxbury calculation A tool used in a clean break situation - a formula to calculate the lump sum necessary based on the amount of maintenance payable and life expectancy.

sep_and_div.jpgEquity Refers to the net value of a property after mortgages or other charges are paid.

Exhibit A document shown in court which is usually sworn with an affidavit.

Ex parte Usually an urgent application made to the court without prior notification to the other side.

Family Proceedings Court A division of the Magistrates Court where family law matters are dealt with.

Filing When documents are left with the court for sealing and service.

Financial Dispute Resolution Appointment Under the new financial procedures, this is the second court appointment when the judge considers all offers made including those on a without prejudice basis.

First Appointment The first court meeting when the judge considers what other information is needed to determine financial matters.

Get A Jewish religious divorce.

Grounds The legal basis or reason for getting divorced.

Guardian The person given parental responsibility for a child.

Guardian ad Litem Someone appointed to act for a child in a court case.


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