It certainly does!  Often seen as the bellweather of the the emotional state of the marriage and very often the one (along with family finances) that many couples find most difficult to discuss.  If things are not going well physically then the less they are discussed and the more likely they will deteriorate.  We offer some important stuff especially if you have been on your own for some time and maybe are thinking about a new relationship.   

Everything you already knew about sex but may have forgotten.

One of the key factors that characterise the collapse of a marriage and the often provokes the subsequent divorce is a complete lack of sex in the relationship.


Sex after divorce

When marriage breakdown ends in a bruising divorce it is natural that you may be reticent about embarking on a new relationship in case it leads to the re-opening of wounds that you are anxious to heal.


Contraception, remember what that was?

"A quick word about oral contraception. I asked a girl to go to bed with me, she said 'no.' "  Woody Allen:  American wit, actor and film director. Don't rely on wit when what you need is a condom!


Masturbation for women - sex with someone you love

For many years it was OK for guys to masturbate to cool their sexual passions but women were not supposed to succumb to pleasuring themselves.  Fortuneatly those days are now long gone and women have as much right to this pleasure as men.


HIV, Aids and STIs

If you're sexually frustrated  in your post divorce life after divorce you may be thinking, 'Sex! Chance would be a fine thing', but remember the words of Woody Allen 'Don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone you love'.


Masturbation for men - sex with someone you love

Never an easy subject to talk about but one that for many men (and women) is very important especially during a divorce and life after divorce.  At a time when sexual relations are at a low if not nonexistent ebb a little sexual pleasure can be a wonderful thing.


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