This is the place where we help you get back your emotional and physical wellbeing.  Whether it is dealing with depression or getting you motivated to go to the gym, we can help.  Advice on sensible eating and drinking is here as well as help with the potentially tricky issue of a resumption of your sex life after divorce.

Yoga and meditation can be a great help

You don't have to tie youself up in knots or stand on your head to practise the ancient art of yoga. It can be practised by anyone, practically anywhere and at any time. 


The emotional fallout, it could be nuclear

If you follow conventional wisdom, you’ll believe that true happiness only comes from being in a loving, stable relationship with another person.  That messes things up if you’re getting divorced doesn’t it?


Depressed and how not to be

Eat chocolate, watch a favourite film with a friend, go for a walk. Whatever you do try not to let things get you down.  Staying upbeat and postive is very difficult but it will help get you through.


Getting physical, staying in shape is so important

If keeping fit was part of your pre-divorce life make sure you hang onto that routine in your post divorce life.  There's no time like the present so get started.


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