This is the place where we help you get back your emotional and physical wellbeing.  Whether it is dealing with depression or getting you motivated to go to the gym, we can help.  Advice on sensible eating and drinking is here as well as help with the potentially tricky issue of a resumption of your sex life after divorce.

Sensible drinking, have a drink or two but beware of the dangers

Guidelines from the Department of Health advise that men should not regularly consume more than three or four units of alcohol a day and for women that drops to two or three units.


Anger, conflict and revenge in divorce

The decision to get divorced can be a hideously destructive process that can have long term and far reaching consequences for those involved and sometimes we need all the help we can get.


Sensible eating is good, comfort eating can be a problem

Eating a well balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables is the way to optimise your health.  As one would expect a sensible healthy diet comes down to well, being sensible and made up of variety of simple unprocessed foods.


Grooming for boys

Do you want to be irresistable to women now that you are divorced or do you want to wallow in a grubby unshaven world of computer magazines and empty beer bottles?


Sensible eating and drinking

Being sensible about what you and eat and drink in your post divorce life does not mean being restricted to a diet of wheatgrass juice, sprouted mung beans and no salt, no sugar and no fat.


Grooming for girls

Cosmetics, (like husbands) can become stale and boring, and what suited us ten years ago may not look quite so great as we get older and skin tones gradually change and hair loses its colour.


Re-building esteem and confidence after divorce

The divorce shaped hole will take some filling but it can be done. Make the most of your friends and family and just remember than being divorced does not make you anything less than you were.  There are millions of us!


Dress to impress

After getting divorced it’s only natural that you’ll want to start having fun with your friends or dating.  You can find fabulous clothes without getting out of your armchair unless it's to fetch your credit card from your handbag or jacket.


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