Divorce is a difficult time, perhaps the most difficult in your life.  Every aspect of life is thrown up in the air.  However, it's so important to maintain your sense of self respect and build your confidence to help you survive these traumas and win through to a better life.  Often money is really tight and trying to look good on a budget is not easy so we offer a few thoughts and ideas that may be helpful.     

Ethical fashion

Getting divorced does not mean that you should turn into some lout wearing two for a fiver T-shirts from Primark and a pair of trousers that should have been consigned to the re-cycling bin at least a year ago.


Grooming for girls

Cosmetics, (like husbands) can become stale and boring, and what suited us ten years ago may not look quite so great as we get older and skin tones gradually change and hair loses its colour.


Clothes and Fashion

Worrying about your fashion sense may well be the last thing on your mind since your divorce but if you don't want the style police banging on your door, being rude about your wardrobe then get your act together.


Grooming for boys

Do you want to be irresistable to women now that you are divorced or do you want to wallow in a grubby unshaven world of computer magazines and empty beer bottles?


Style tips for men

Raising your spirits by not dressing like a slob can help lift you out of the trough of despond caused by getting divorced.  Here are some ways to help you make the most of your particular body shape and avoid fashion disasters.


Looking after your hair

The stress of getting divorced can add to the damage done by sun, water, air conditioning and central heating to your hair. To minimise the effects of daily life on your crowning glory follow our life after divorce tips for lustrous locks.


Style tips for women

When it comes to looking good after divorce, it’s important to understand that you need to make the most of your assets and develop a style that is low maintenance, practical and affordable and without being a slave to fashion.


Dress to impress

After getting divorced it’s only natural that you’ll want to start having fun with your friends or dating.  You can find fabulous clothes without getting out of your armchair unless it's to fetch your credit card from your handbag or jacket.


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