This is the place where we help you get back your emotional and physical wellbeing.  Whether it is dealing with depression or getting you motivated to go to the gym, we can help.  Advice on sensible eating and drinking is here as well as help with the potentially tricky issue of a resumption of your sex life after divorce.

Masturbation for women - sex with someone you love

For many years it was OK for guys to masturbate to cool their sexual passions but women were not supposed to succumb to pleasuring themselves.  Fortuneatly those days are now long gone and women have as much right to this pleasure as men.


Some advice on post divorce rebound relationships

Getting divorced or coming out of a long relationship is always going to be a miserable time.  It can leave you vulnerable to smothering your feeling of loss, guilt and anger by jumping into another relationship straight away.


Masturbation for men - sex with someone you love

Never an easy subject to talk about but one that for many men (and women) is very important especially during a divorce and life after divorce.  At a time when sexual relations are at a low if not nonexistent ebb a little sexual pleasure can be a wonderful thing.


Everything you already knew about sex but may have forgotten.

One of the key factors that characterise the collapse of a marriage and the often provokes the subsequent divorce is a complete lack of sex in the relationship.


Just because you're divorced doesn't mean you have to lose your identity

Many people and it has to said predominately women, derive much of their identity from their relationship with their spouse and their children - "I'm a wife and mother."  However, few men would define themselves predominantly in terms of "I'm a husband and father."


Ethical fashion

Getting divorced does not mean that you should turn into some lout wearing two for a fiver T-shirts from Primark and a pair of trousers that should have been consigned to the re-cycling bin at least a year ago.


Life after divorce for men - Depression or the Great Renewal?

There is a good deal of awareness of the problems faced by women in life after divorce, and so there should be.  But what about the difficulties faced by men?


Looking after your hair

The stress of getting divorced can add to the damage done by sun, water, air conditioning and central heating to your hair. To minimise the effects of daily life on your crowning glory follow our life after divorce tips for lustrous locks.


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