Here we pack in loads of the really useful stuff for your new life after divorce.  All those life skills that you never really got to grips with are covered for you – cooking, gardening, DIY and some great recipes.  Re-establishing some form of domestic normality and routine will help you to build a solid foundation for a new and better future.

Storing, cooking and washing. Everything you need to do in the kitchen

The key activities that go on in a kitchen are storing your food, cooking it and washing your clothes.  For each of these you will need a machine.  The nature of divorce settlements is such that you are unlikely to have come through the trauma with this trio intact.


Make your living space into a real home

If you have moved home since your divorce you will need to do some work to turn it from somewhere to eat and sleep into a comfortable and welcoming place for you, your family and friends.


How to become a domestic god or goddess and is it worth it?

"I hate housework. You make the beds, you wash the dishes and six months later you have to start all over again." Joan Rivers.  American comedienne.


Starting again, what you need and what you don't

Getting divorced means that you will almost certainly have to replace a substantial amount of your household goods.  At least half of your stuff has probably been lost in the division of spoils.


Bounce back after divorce, get a better bedroom

Whether you are driving around with “Just divorced!” balloons attached to your car or adding to Kleenex’s year end profits, the truth has to be faced head on, things have changed since your divorce and life after divorce has begun


Getting the best from your kitchen appliances

Buying a more energy efficient fridge or washing machine is unlikely to save the planet from meltdown but it is at least doing something as a well known supermarket would say, every little helps.


Cleaning without tears, vinegar and lemons come to the rescue

Learn some new tricks about cleaning cleaning stuff without using chemical cleaners.  Top tips used in your great grandmother's kitchen!


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